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Easy Rider

director – Dennis Hopper

USA, 1969, 95 min

director – Dennis Hopper

producer – Peter Fonda

script – Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Terry Southern

camera – Laszlo Kovacs

editor – Donn Cambern

монтаж – Дон Камбърн

music – performances of “Steppenwolf”, Roger McGuinn, “The Byrds”, “The Band” and Jimi Hendrix

production designer – Jerry Kay



awards and nominations:

Cannes – Award for debut film

Awards of the National Society of Film Critics and of the Los Angeles Film Critics for supporting actor to Jack Nicholson

2 nominations for “Oscar” – for supporting actor to Jack Nicholson and original screenplay

Nominations for “Golden Globe” and BAFTA for supporting actor to Jack Nicholson

Nomination from the Directors Guild of America

Nomination from the Writers Guild of America for original screenplay


Peter Fonda (Wyatt), Dennis Hopper (Billy), Jack Nicholson (George Hanson), Luana Anders (Lisa), Sabrina Scharf (Sarah), Karen Black (Karen)

Freedom... and the impossibility of freedom in a country where people are scared to be free. Billy is sitting at the campfire with the lawyer George Hanson. The legal eagle is no longer perfectly sober, and Billy is little slow-witted because he’s permanently stoned. But George is doing his best to clarify a few matters to Billy: he explains that people, which reject them are not scared of Billy personality; they’re scared of what he represents: an easy, unforced existence outside of society – a life in which the only things that matters are self-realization and life itself.

Easy Rider cost only $400,000 to make, but it quickly became one of the cult movies of the 60s. It’s a piece of celluloid that evokes an entire generation’s outlook on life, a road movie about youth, drugs and the dream of revolution, with a soundtrack as hugely successful as the movie that spawned it. “Born to Be Wild”, Steppenwolf’s hymn to freedom, is a programmatic opening number; and Roger McGuinn’s cover version of Bob Dylan’s “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) paves the way for the sober and melancholy conclusion.

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