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My Night at Maud’s / Ma nuit chez Maud

director and screenwriter – Eric Rohmer


My Night at Maud’s / Ma nuit chez Maud

France, 1969, 105 min., black & white

director and screenwriter – Eric Rohmer

producers – Pierre Cottrell and Barbet Schroeder

camera – Nestor Almendros

editor – Cecile Decugis

production designer – Nicole Rachline


intl. sales - LES FILMS DU LOSANGE

BG distributor – BETA FILM


Cannes - Competition

2 nominations for “Oscar” – for foreign language film and original screenplay


Jean-Louis Trintignant (Jean-Louis), Francoise Fabian (Maud), Marie-Christine Barrault (Francoise), Antoine Vitez (Vidal) and with special appearance by the violinist Leonid Kogan as himself

Clermont Ferrand, a few days before Christmas. The young engineer Jean-Louis, recently returned from abroad, notices a young blond woman during mass and decides that she will become his wife. By chance, he meets Vidal, a friend, who invites him to spend Christmas Eve with a relative, the divorced Maud. The evening passes in lengthy conversations on marriage, morality, religion, Pascal's philosophy, at first between the three of them, then privately between the two: a mixture of heartfelt confessions and seduction, but respecting the platonic barrier. The next day the engineer manages to meet the blond woman, Francoise. He later proposes marriage to her, but she hesitates because she has just ended her relationship with a married man.

A man and two women - love in French style, shown in a different way from Claude Lelouch. Again, Trintignant plays the main role, but this film combines philosophical reflections on love with chaste intellectual flirtation. Eric Rohmer reveals a delicate poetic style that earns him a place among the classics of sophisticated romantic (and French) cinema.

Sunday, 20 November 2022, 14:15, Cinema House - Buy a Ticket Online
Monday, 21 November 2022, 19:00, Institut Francais
Tuesday, 22 November 2022, 18:00, Odeon
Saturday, 26 November 2022, 15:00, Lumiere - Buy a Ticket Online

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French Institute, 3, Slaveykov Square, T: +359 2 937 79 22
Cultural Center G8, 8, Gladstone Str., T: +359 2 995 00 80
Euro Cinema, 17, Aleksandar Stamboliiski Blvd., T: +359 2 980 41 61

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