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The Postman / Il Postino

director – Michael Radford


Italy-France, 1994, 108 min

director – Michael Radford

producers – Mario and Vittorio Cecchi Gori and Gaetano Daniele

script – Anna Pavignano, Michael Radford, Massimo Troisi, Furio and Giacomo Scarpelli

based on the novel “Ardienre Paciencia” by Antonio Skarmeta

camera – Franco Di Giacomo

editor – Roberto Perpignani

music – Luis Bacalov

art director – Lorenzo Baraldi

costume designer – Gianna Gissi





awards and nominations:

3 BAFTA awards – for foreign language film, direction and music

“Oscar” for music

“David di Donatello” for editing

2 awards of the London Critics Circle – for foreign film and British director

5 nominations for “David di Donatello” – for best film, actor to Massimo Troisi, supporting actor to Philippe Noiret, cinematography and music

4 nominations for “Oscar” – for best film, direction, actor to Massimo Troisi and adapted screenplay

2 nominations for BAFTA – for actor to Massimo Troisi and adapted screenplay

Nomination from the Directors Guild of America


Massimo Troisi (Mario Ruoppolo), Philippe Noiret (Pablo Neruda), Maria Grazia Cucinotta (Beatrtice Russo), Linda Moretti (Donna Rossa), Renato Scarpa (The Postmaster), Anna Bonaiuto (Matilde)

When, in 1952, the exiled Chilean poet Pablo Neruda takes up residence on a quiet little island off the Neapolitan coast, the fan mail he receives is so copious that the postmaster hires Mario, the none too bright son of a local fisherman, to deliver the celebrity’s mail. At first, Mario is simply starstruck by Neruda, who responds with understandable wariness to the postman’s gauche attempts at conversation; soon, however, he’s teaching Mario about metaphors, and when the postman falls for Beatrice, a lovely but rather aloof barmaid, the poet agrees to try to help him win her with words.

Inspired by an incident in Neruda’s life, the story’s engaging blend of easy humour and sunny romance takes hold from the start and never lets go. Much of its seductive charm derives from the excellence of the leads: Noiret does his gruff but malleable turn to perfection, while Troisi (who died soon after filming finished) exudes a simplicity of heart, mind and soul that never seems excessively sentimental. And to not forget the bandoneon music of Luis Bacalov, full of magic and beauty. One of the most lyrical films in the history of cinema!

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