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Theorem / Teorema

director and screenwriter – Pier Paolo Pasolini


Theorem / Teorema

Italy, 1968, 98 min.

director and screenwriter – Pier Paolo Pasolini

producers – Franco Rossellini and Manolo Bolognini

camera – Giuseppe Ruzzolini

editor – Nino Baragli

music – Ennio Morricone

production designer – Luciano Puccini

costume designer – Roberto Capucci

An AETOS FILMS production

intl. sales – MONDO TV


Venice – Volpi Cup for best actress to Laura Betti


Terence Stamp (The Visitor), Silvana Mangano (Lucia), Massimo Girotti (Paolo), Laura Betti (Emilia), Anne Wiazemsky (Odetta), Andres Jose Cruz (Pietro), Ninetto Davoli (Angelino)



The “theorem” of the title is a mythological figure whose arrival is heralded by Pasolini’s favorite fetish-actor, Ninetto Davoli, bringing a telegram to the home of a Minalese industrialist Paolo. An attractive young man in tight-fitting trousers, The Visitor, then pays an extended visit, proceeding to seduce every member of the household – the father, the mother Lucia, the teenage daughter Odetta, the somewhat older son and the maid Emilia – to the recurring strains of Mozart’s Requiem Mass and a modernist score by Ennio Morricone. Then the stranger leaves as mysteriously as he came, and everyone in the household undergoes cataclysmic and traumatic changes.


Teorema tells of a religious experience. It is the story of the arrival of a divine visitor in a bourgeois family. This visitation turns everything that its members knew about themselves upside down; that guest has come to destroy. Authenticity, to use an old-fashioned word, destroys inauthenticity. When he goes away, everyone is left with an awareness of their own inauthenticity. And so each member of this family has a crisis, and the film ends more or less with the following moral: whatever a bourgeois does, it’s wrong.”

Pier Paolo Pasolini



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