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Кино Люмиер, Дом на киното, Филмотечно кино „Одеон“, Влайкова, Френски институт, Културен център G 8, Euro Cinema: 10 лв.Намаление за ученици, студенти и пенсионери – 8 лв.
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VR mania in Hall 4, National Palace of Culture. The ticket is for 45 minutes of viewing works of the viewer's choice. Sessions are every 30 minutes. Price - BGN 20.


director – Jennifer Peedom



Australia, 2021, 74 min, documentary

director – Jennifer Peedom

producers – J-Anne McGowan, John Smithson and Jennifer Peedom

script – Robert Macfarlane, Joseph Nizeti and Jennifer Peedom

camera – Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Ben Knight, Peter McBride, Renan Oztrurk and “Sherpas Cinema”

editor – Simon Njoo

music – William Barton, Piers de Vere and Richard Tognetti


intl. sales – DOGWOOF


Willem Dafoe


Director Jennifer Peedom opens her film with beauty and thrills: she runs us down a rushing mountain stream and drops us among the creatures on the river floor, steers us through canyons and floats us gently through an ancient flooded forest. Filmed in 39 countries, River is first a brilliant travelogue. But then it turns the bend, beginning an examination of humanity’s increasingly aggressive interventions in our natural flow. We’ve redirected, blocked and sapped our rivers to the extent that, rather than bringing nutrients to the soil, they now carry plastics to sea. Deserts bloom, while scores of recently thriving fish lie suffocated by a drought. “We learned to run rivers like machines,” narrator Willem Dafoe tells us, in words written by the naturalist Robert Macfarlane. “Our gods had become our subjects.” Finally, River wonders: could we be wild once again?

Friday, 19 November 2021, 18:30 , Odeon
Saturday, 27 November 2021, 17:15, Lumiere - BUY A TICKET
Sunday, 28 November 2021, 14:30, Cinema House - BUY A TICKET

National Palace of Culture, Hall 1 – 12 leva
Reduced price for retired people
and students –
10 leva
THE BELL – monoperformance of Deyan Donkov –
30, 40, 50 leva
Reduced price – 20 leva

French Institute, Cultural Center G8, Euro Cinema – 10 leva
VR screenings – 15 leva
Reduced price – 8 leva
The Human Voice and movies from “Classic Pleasures” – 7 leva